SecondLife Singer/Songwriter Showcase



Showcase 3, July 14 2013

Yep you guessed it, July 14 is when the Originals Cafe opens its doors once again for a night of  sensational singer-songwriters. Come along and listen to the incredible original songs of Jasher Faith and Bright Oh. There’s only one place you have to be in SL on July 14 and that’s at SL’s unique Originals Cafe where nothing else but amazing original music fills the SL night!

Bright Oh is an Australian singer/songwriter who has graced the SL stages for over 4 years. With a swag overflowing with original songs ranging from heartfelt ballads to mid tempo folk-rock, Bright is sure to win you over with a charm all his own. With a voice that has been known to make the hardest of critics melt and swoon, he will take you on an unexpected journey through his life with lyrics that are always thought-provoking and at times heartbreaking as well as melodies that will live in your head and heart for days to come. Every Bright show is different and special so come on along and enter “The World of Bright” at “Originals Cafe” on July 14.

If you are a person who follows their heart then you will undoubtedly enjoy a Jasher Faith concert.

Jasher follows his heart when it comes to his songwriting and it shows. His feel good songs have a dreamy esoteric feel and many are written about love, life and the environment. At times mystical but always laid back, Jasher will provide you with a hour’s entertainment not to be missed. So come along and “get a little Faith” at “Originals Cafe” on July 14!


Bright Oh

See you there! From the OC Scribe


An mp3 sample of each performers performance appears on their individual pages.

Hi there lovers of fine original music! It’s the OC Scribe here once again and I’m just back home after having had yet another pleasurable night’s listening experience over at the “Originals Cafe” where I was subjected to the talents of Bright Oh and Jasher Faith, So to cut to the chase, here’s what I have to say about them both:

Bright Oh

It’s always a pleasure to listen to Bright Oh and today was no exception. Bright is an experienced songwriter and his songs have a maturity that is rare these days. A writer of the heart and all its many facets, you are sure to find at least one song in his set that will reach out and touch you. Though hailing from the land downunder, Australia, Bright’s original songs are more universal in nature and in fact he even sang three songs specifically written about America!

He begun his show with a beautiful song (the first of the “American” songs) called “Kansas Skies” which he wrote with a friend of his. Next up was the only obvious “Australian” song in this hour called “Brindabella” and it’s a gorgeous love song that I believe has also been covered by another SL performer. The quite sad “Sparrow in The Willow” was next, full of longing and loss for someone on the other side of the World - a highlight of the set. Another song about America was performed next. Called “Photographs”, it’s a very unique look at the myriad of people’s lives that live in New York with lyrical nods to Central Park, Broadway and Fifth Avenue. It also contains a most interesting lyric that caught my ear.. “I am The View of You From Outer Space”- another highlight.  A trio of love songs followed, the first a beautiful ballad called “The Proposal” and the last, a brand new song never performed live before called “To Another’s Heart” that seemed to get the immediate approval of the audience.

With a backdrop of mountain ranges draped in moonlight, the next song was very appropriate. “The Mountains Where We Live” was a lovely ode to nature and of love all wrapped up in a stunning melody which is still dancing in my head as I write this. Bright then wrapped up his show with a song he claimed he had initially not liked but was eventually convinced by some friends to perform it live and now its one of his most loved and requested songs with the interesting title of “The Mirror’s Eye”. Maybe that tells us we shouldn’t always trust our instincts? And my instincts tell me that Bright Oh is a singer-songwriter that shines brightly in this land we call Second Life and it was a pleasure to hear him perform his wonderful compositions at the beautiful and serene, “Originals Cafe”.

Jasher Faith

Next up was someone I have to admit I had not heard for awhile. With just his acoustic guitar and the warm winds of Hawaii for inspiration, Jasher delivered a set that was down to Earth and very sincere. His songs are not cluttered with anything more than his straightforward guitar style and lyrics that tell it just how it is for him. If he has a subject then he just writes about it and sings it. Its very organic and natural.

Obvious influences by many of the 70’s most well known singer-songwriters crept in from time to time like Neil Young or even Elvis Costello but overall his songs were just “Jasher” and it was refreshing.

He started his set with a lovely dreamy song appropriately titled “Falling Star”. This was the song I noticed some Neil Young qualities about. He followed this with a song written about the environment (a subject that is close to him as he did a few more songs along these lines). This one was mainly about the sun and solar energy that he actually started writing while out jogging in the Hawaiian sunshine and which ultimately gave the song its title – “Run in The Sun”. The next three songs were almost a trilogy of sorts – positive uplifting songs seemingly written for people he is close to. Lyrics like “The World’s at Your Feet” and “Hear The Wisdom of Age” made this catchy trio a highlight of the set. A very nice love song called “Dreaming of You” followed. Then we were back onto the environment with a gentle nod to SL with his catchy song entitled “Living in a Virtual World”.

A couple of love songs, another environmental song and even one very interesting one about reincarnation wrapped up Jasher’s wonderful hour at “Originals Café”. Overall Jasher gave us a set that was perfect for the venue… he is as original as they come and the SL music world is pleased to have him in it!