SecondLife Singer/Songwriter Showcase



Singer/Songwriter NANCE Brody, no tracks /acoustic 12 string guitar/all original songs from Easy Listening Love Songs to Roosty, Rockin' Blusey, Folkin Good Tunes, Powerful Smooth Sultry Vocals, Awesome Lyrics, puts on a great of a show.  6 mp3 Albums available now and working on her 7th.


1. Why are you a singer/songwriter?

I didn't even know I was a songwriter until someone said to me one day a long time ago that I should try my hand at writing songs. So without even thinking about it I picked up a pen sat quietly looking at the blank paper, letting go of all my own thoughts and allowed the process to unfold.  Why I am a songwriter is a question I have never really asked myself, its probably because I just am one.

2.  What is your musical background? Do you have a musical family or did you just fall into songwriting all on your own?

I grew up in a somewhat musical family but no formal training or any professional music people in my life.  I just naturally wanted to play guitar and sing and the songwriting seemed to come all on its own too.  Self taught seems to have always been my thing.

3. What sorts of things have you done to improve your songwriting?

Practice, write, practice, write, write, write, write, practice, practice, practice.  grin!

4. Have you written any songs in the last 12 months? What are you working on now and where do you feel your music is headed?

My music has a life of its own, I basically just follow it I have never steered or wanted to steer my music, I love to allow it to do its thing, take me where it wants to go.  I have written over 52 new songs in the past year, still need to put music to some of them and they keep coming it seems.  When ever the energy comes in I sit and listen and let the song come to me.  I never force it, no real point in doing that because it usually just tunes me

5. And finally, what advice would you give anyone looking to follow a similar path to yours?

I think everyone has their own path and to follow someone else's path would be confusing to me.  My advise to anyone that wants to be a songwriter is to just sit quiet with a pen and paper and see if the song gods want you to be the one they send the songs to ;)


The NANCE MP3 Sample from her show on June 8. The first song Nance ever wrote!