SecondLife Singer/Songwriter Showcase



Showcase 1, May 1 2013

It’s opening night for "Originals Cafe" and have we got a night of fantastic entertainment lined up - three superb singer-songwriters. We begin the night with Marky Helstein direct from Scotland, followed by DennyMac and we finish the night off with Blueron Clyburn. A superb night of original music you don't want to miss!

Scottish born and bred singer-songwriter, Marky, writes his original compositions with a rare maturity of songwriting skills. From heartfelt ballads to bluesy rock with influences wide and varied, they all come together in one big melting pot that is pure Marky.

Denny's acoustic guitar skills are of the highest calibre. He is equally at home writing his songs or instrumentals.

The moment Denny touches those strings you will be transfixed by the melodies that weave through all of his original tunes.

Blueron is an exceptional keyboard player and an exponent of many genres with a special talent for the blues and jazz styles from the 1920's till the present. His own compositions and his years on the road give this singer-songwriter the experience that make his SL shows something very special. An hour with Blueron is an hour you do not want to miss.

For more information and a Q & A about these guys, please follow the links.

Marky Helstein


Blueron Clyburn

See you there! From the OC Scribe


An mp3 sample of each performers performance appears on their individual pages.

OC Scribe here and I'm back from the opening night of wonderful entertainment at "Originals Cafe" so it's time for me to share some thoughts about the evening.

First up on the OC stage was Marky Helstein. He moved between guitar and piano and back again with a set of wonderful original songs that ranged from rock to ballads. Highlights included his uptempo guitar song "She's Just a Girl" and the lovely piano ballad, "Magic in Your Eyes". He also performed the first song he ever wrote, the equisite "I'll Take You Home", as heartfelt a song as ever there was. Another highlight was his song "Freefall". Marky's vocals are always magnificent and tonight they were in top form moving between ballads and his more uptempo material. The perfect start to the night.

Next on the bill was Dennymac. Denny mesmerised everyone with his magnificent guitar skills that seemed to effortlessly bring forth the most wonderful melodies, particularly in his instrumentals. Denny's original songs went from the lovely enviromentally laden "Pine Tree" to his love song for a pizza called appropriately "Pizza". Another highlight was a song he wrote with a friend called "Today". His instrumentals are very special and included the suite "The Road To Freedom"; "The Source"; "Wild Strawberries" and the fairly recent "Autumn Path". This is one very talented musician who just seems to get better every time I hear him.

Last on tonight's bill was Blueron Clyburn. If blues and jazz styled songs played on a piano are what you enjoy then Blueron is the perfect hours entertainment. He started off his set with a wonderful song called "Carnival Town" written about people who work in a carnival. Next up was a song that Billy Joel would have been proud to have written, "In and Out of My Life". Blueron has a great knack of moving from the serious to the funny and one of those funnier songs was his ode to SL entitled "Internet Cafe". He also mixes things up a tad by playing to his own backing tracks and giving us an array of different rhythms like the fun calypso based "Baby Changes Everything" and the slow and moody "Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore". An absolute highlight for me was his beautiful celtic styled ballad "Wynd of Donegal" that was extremely poignant. A truly enjoyable hour that everyone loved.

What an opening night for "Originals Cafe"! The musicianship and the songwriting was astonishing. The good thing is every month there will be more superb songwriters at the top of their craft.

See you next month!