SecondLife Singer/Songwriter Showcase



Once upon a time... nah

After I got out of jail.... no no no no no

As the planet Krypton expolded......nah they'd never believe it

Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee....hmmm getting warmer

But seriously, DennyMac has been playing for so long that his callouses have callouses! After years in rock bands breaking windows and eardrums, he's back to his first love, acoustic fingerstyle guitar. I play a mixture of originals both sung and instrumentals.


1. Why are you a singer/songwriter?

I had no choice. My big brother played before me so I had to get better than he!

2.  What is your musical background? Do you have a musical family or did you just fall into songwriting all on your own?

Father and sister were both very musical. I was surrounded by music growing up.

3. What sorts of things have you done to improve your songwriting?

Lots of listening. Just doing it and seeing what appears.

4. Have you written any songs in the last 12 months? What are you working on now and where do you feel your music is headed?

Mostly guitar instrumentals. Going to be moving toward making videos that fit the music

5. And finally, what advice would you give anyone looking to follow a similar path to yours?

Only do it if you love it, if it's part of your being. Then do it as much as you can.


The DENNYMAC MP3 Samples

Today, by DennyMac.

One of many Denny highlights from his show at Originals Cafe, May 1, 2013