Originals Cafe - SecondLife Singer/Songwriter Showcase


There are so many musical wonders of so many styles and genres here in Second Life. Amongst these are the singer/songwriters and composers. Originals Cafe is a place for them to come and perform amongst their peers and for us to be enchanted by their particular magic.

Originals Cafe was established to honour the craft of songwriting and composing. We invite all original singer/songwriters and composers  to express an interest in performing at OC. All are welcome. Originals Cafe is a paid venue - all performers receive the same payment because they are all equals in our eyes.

We do have some guidelines and a way of doing things that we feel will help us achieve what we are trying to do for these creative wonders amongst us. It is all in the information we can send to you if you would like to contact Precious Rallier, inworld.

Precious Rallier also runs the long established venue, Under The Willows but to all intents and purposes each venue is run independently of the goals and purpose of the other.